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I am based in Los Angeles, CA. I am available to work on location or from home, depending on the project.


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Los Angeles, CA 90015

(360) 474-7597

Accomplished writer, editor, computer technician, photographer, designer and overall very useful person for hire. 



Daily Operations Improvement

  • Transitioning to QuickBooks or Xero for accounting
  • Setting up a mailing list
  • Sending formatted email newsletters
  • Setting up and implementing online advertising
  • Setting up Google AdWords
  • Establishing a PayPal account
  • Using Square, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify etc. to accept credit cards


  • Designing a website using Squarespace, Wordpress and other content management systems
  • Setting up an E-Commerce store, either fully hosted or fully integrated
  • Setting up online shipping services to manage orders and track shipments
  • Implementing an online inventory management system
  • Integrating E-Commerce, inventory and shipping solutions

Online Presence

  • Creating a fan page on Facebook and a brand page on Google+
  • Setting up Webinars and Google+ Hangouts  
  • Using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for Business