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I am based in Los Angeles, CA. I am available to work on location or from home, depending on the project.


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Los Angeles, CA 90015

(360) 474-7597

Accomplished writer, editor, computer technician, photographer, designer and overall very useful person for hire. 



Computers & TVs

  • Installing software
  • Creating email accounts
  • Getting Netflix and Hulu+ to work on your TV or computer
  • Backing up
  • Setting up and testing Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime
  • Data transfers
  • Digital organization services


  • iPhones, Android phones, anything
  • Transferring your contacts from an old phone
  • Setting up WiFi on your phone
  • Mobile hot spots setup
  • Getting email to work on your phone
  • How to use calendars on your phone
  • Getting Netflix and Hulu+ to work on your phone
  • Syncing music and photos
  • Navigating the App stores for Apple or Android
  • Backing up


  • WiFi setup (Cox, Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Help selecting modems and routers
  • Home / office complete network setup
  • Wireless printer setup