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I am based in Los Angeles, CA. I am available to work on location or from home, depending on the project.


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Los Angeles, CA 90015

(360) 474-7597

Accomplished writer, editor, computer technician, photographer, designer and overall very useful person for hire. 



The Internet

  • How to navigate the Internet and use web browsers
  • Setting up a new email account
  • Using bookmarks
  • How to use iTunes for music and movies
  • How Facebook works
  • Uploading pictures to Facebook
  • Using Netflix, Hulu+ and YouTube to watch videos
  • Using eBay
  • Setting up PayPal


  • Making a photo book from digital photos
  • How to keep track of your passwords
  • How Word and Excel work (for Windows or Mac) 
  • How Pages and Numbers work (for Mac) 
  • Staying organized using digital tools
  • How to get photos off of your digital camera
  • Backing up your computer

Smart Phones

  • Buying apps for your smart phone
  • Getting photos off of your phone
  • Switching from your planner and address book to your phone
  • How to use Google or iCloud calendar and address book services
  • How to use Netflix, Hulu+ and YouTube to watch videos
  • What is syncing and how to sync your data
  • How to back up your phone